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DECEMBER 7, 2015

CD images

Here’s a checklist of terms with a corresponding, non-jargony definition that’ll make your experience more pleasant.

Duplication - usually referring to CD or DVDs, duplication is the process of burning information on a blank CD-R or DVD-R.  The “R” stands for “recordable”.  Sometimes people refer to Duplication and Replication as generic and interchangeable terms, but they’re really two totally different processes.  Most of the time, duplication is quicker for small quantities, where replication is more efficient for larger quantities and more commonly used for national releases.

Replication - usually referring to CDs and DVDs, replication is the process of turning audio or audio-video material into a “Glass Master” and then a “glass master stamper” and then using that stamper to “stamp out” the digital information onto a metalized section of disc

DVD Formats - a standard single DVD replicated is referred to as a DVD-5.  Double length and discs with more info than will fit on a single disc are called either DVD-9, DVD-10.

Glass Mastering - the act of using a Laser Beam Recorder (AKA LBR Machine) to create a glass master of the audio for a CD or the audio and video for a DVD.

Jewel case - Probably what you would consider the “standard CD case.” Clear, thick plastic that holds the CD as well as has room for a roughly 4.75” x 4.75” insert as well as a rectangularly shaped inlay card usually referred to as a “tray card.”  The outer area on one side of the tray card design is where spine information is usually added (where the band name, release title, and sometimes catalog information get listed).  The most typical variant of the jewel case uses a tray, which is often clear to show artwork underneath the CD but can also be a charcoal grey/blackish color or white.  Numerous variations on the tray color and jewel case exist, including the “slimline case,” which features a built-in tray (and does not accommodate a tray card), and the “ultra slimline case,” which uses a more complicated insert with a partial fold (which is usually called a CD-V card) and was frequently used as the packaging for CD single releases in the late nineties and early 00’s. 

Folders - offered in 2-panel, 4-panel, 6-panel, 8-panel, and in some instances even more than that, and Booklets––multiple pages stapled together in an 8-page, 12-page, 16-page, 20-page, 24-page, 32-page, or greater combination.   The folder and the booklet are where an artist usually includes lyrics, writing credits, album details, photos, etc. It’s generically called “the insert” but will usually be referred to as the INSERT FOLDER or INSERT BOOKLET, depending on which type it is.  Sometimes a format is used that allows the folder to fold out into a poster, in which case it can also be referred to as a FOLDOUT POSTER

CD Tray - the plastic piece that holds the CD in a digipak and jewel case. The tray card is what fits behind a tray in a jewel case and usually features the track listing, contact info, and other boilerplate information.

Sleeves - the idea of a “sleeve” refers generally to a simpler “all-in one” style of artwork and packaging for a CD or DVD.  Included in various sleeve types are the 5x5 SLEEVE, the ECO WALLET, a sleeve that folds once, and then other types of sleeves with multiple folds (6 PANEL SLEEVE, 8-PANEL SLEEVE).  these sleeves are all essentially the CD version of the standard vinyl jacket. They hold the CD and usually get printed in full color.  the use of a sleeve typically is more “green” and eco-friendly than the use of a case that uses more plastic like the jewel case, and slightly more green than the use of a DIGIPAK

Gatefold Jacket - Made out of a premium style of cardboard paper instead of plastic, the gatefold jacket opens like a book and can hold the CD as well as an insert. It essentially serves the same purpose as a jewel case.  Use of one versus the other is a matter of preference.

Digipak - This combines some of both the jewel case and the gatefold jacket. It’s primarily made of paper with a gloss coating but also includes a glued-in plastic tray for the disc to sit in (instead of inside a pocket).  Digipaks are roughly the same length and width as a jewel case, in case that matters to you, although they’re not quite as “deep.” Once again, it’s a matter of preference

Top Spine Labels - Sometimes retail outlets like the Artist Name and Release title, and the catalog number and barcode to appear on a sticker that gets applied to the top of the case.  Those are called top spine labels.  Most retail sites and stores are ok without these, as long as a barcode is visible somewhere on the item

Shrinkwrap - The use of Shrinkwrap or a resealable bags (AKA “Import bags”) is usually important for products that are being sold

Promo Stickers - These stickers go outside after the CD or DVD is shrinkwrapped to display a title track or special promotional info, such as reviews or included features, bonus tracks, etc

Master Formats (CD & DVD) -  CD-R Masters, DDP Masters.  WAV or AIFF files can be used to create a CD-R or DDP master. DVD-Rs masters, ISO masters.  An older format called a DLT master was previously used for DVD replication.  We can convert these if necessary, but no longer use them as a master format.

Hopefully we’ve made some of these jargon-y terms more easy for you to understand.  As always, we’re happy to help you further by phone.  Just get in touch with us during business hours M-F 10:00-6:00, or anytime via email.

Custom CD Quotes are available below or here on our quotes page.

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NOVEMBER 11, 2015

color vinyl examples

Here’s a checklist of terms with a corresponding, non-jargony definition that’ll make your experience more pleasant.

Lacquers: The forms or “molds” used to make the vinyl. Picture a vinyl record without grooves. Chances are if you don’t know what this is, you don’t have it and need us to make one for you.

Master or Pre-Master: the final version of the audio, which was engineered specifically for vinyl pressing. Skipping this step will lead to poor sound quality when playing back your test record.

Inner sleeve: the thin paper sleeve where the vinyl lives. It protects it from dust, dirt, etc. and can either be plain white with a hole in the center, or it can be printed (B&W or full color)

Jacket: the record jacket that has the album cover on the front and usually the track listing on the back. They come in different forms: gatefold, standard 12’, full-color, black & white, etc.

Center Labels: the center part of the vinyl record (with no ridges) that includes the artist name, album name, side, track listing, and label as well as runtime, etc

Color Vinyl: any color of vinyl other than black is referred to as color vinyl.  Standard colors are translucent red, green, blue, and (a goldish version of) yellow, plus “white” and “clear” are both considered as color vinyl.  All our custom colors are created by mixing these standard colors together.

Picture Disc: a novelty style pressing where a photo, graphic, or illustration is visible directly on the vinyl record.  It’s actually printed on a special type of paper that gets sandwiched inside multiple vinyl layers, but to the naked eye it looks like it’s printed on the vinyl itself.

Test pressings: a set of a few (usually 4-6) vinyl records we return to you so you can listen to the album and ensure the audio quality.  Test pressings are almost always made on black vinyl and do not include printed center labels.  These records are made from the stampers which have been made from the lacquers.  If approved, those same stampers will be used to make your final order.

Custom Vinyl Quotes are available below or here on our quotes page.

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Select the product you would like to receive a pricing quote for below. Instant Quotes are available for CDs/DVDs/Vinyl/In Cases/Jackets & Digipaks. Instant Quotes also Includes Package Pricing Specials for Posters & Postcards.

Custom Quotes are also available here on our quotes page. We will get back to you promptly with a customized quote. If you need immediate service, you are welcome to call us at 410-662-0112 weekdays between 10 AM and 6 PM (Eastern Standard Time).

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CD ManufacturingSince 1997, MorphiusDisc Mfg has been the preferred choice for CD duplication / CD replication, DVD duplication / DVD replication, short-run CD printing and CD-R duplication, vinyl record pressing, and affiliated printed packaging and design for solo artists, independent bands, record labels, software developers and corporate marketing departments. Thousands of satisfied clients have trusted our manufacturing division to reliably reproduce their important projects because of our superb quality standards, excellent pricing, and huge variety.

In addition to our full service line of CD Manufacturing & DVD Manufacturing and instant quotes available online for over a hundred different cd insert printing configurations we also specialize in high quality vinyl pressing on virgin vinyl. We do record pressing at both standard and audiophile thickness for black vinyl and color vinyl record pressing, and our vinyl manufacturing line also includes custom shaped records and picture disc vinyl for our clients, in 5", 7", 10" and 12" size, as well as custom sizes in between. And for our die hard nostalgia-ists, we offer audio cassette duplication.

With our DVD and CD pressing & duplication at prices guaranteed to be the lowest rate in the country, we invite you to let us handle your next project. Whether it is 100 short run CD-Rs duplicated in a CD sleeve or Digipak, a test of our photographic DVD printing for an upcoming rush DVD manufacturing job you have in the works, 200,000 enhanced CDs or a million DVD box sets, all of our DVD replication and CD printing is overseen by experienced technicians using state-of-the art equipment in a strict quality controlled environment, including direct-to-plate printing and machine-automated packaging, operated by dedicated professionals. We're known for our ability to make even the most complicated projects easy and convenient for our customers.

Of course, all of our music manufacturing clients get free UPC codes. FREE Online Distribution, including a variety of distribution services for both online and brick-and-mortar retail channels, is included with all DVD and CD replication orders and all vinyl record pressing orders. Get distributed on iTunes, Amazon,, and more than 60 other digital download stores, plus a variety of specialty Rock, Punk, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Electronic & Alternative sites. More info here.

Morphius offers a full spectrum of printing & packaging services and can help you complete your project from the design phase to its completion. If you need a mastering studio to finish your next recording project, let us do that in our in-house recording studio, (right in Baltimore, MD) Lord Baltimore Recording Studio. In addition to on-site recording services and digital/analog Audio Mastering, we also offer sound design, film editing, and DVD Authoring.

Have a large and involved project? Morphius is experienced with configuring & producing a vast array of packaging styles, including a multitude of CD sleeve printing varieties, alternative and eco-conscious cardboard packaging, CD jackets, eco-wallets, Digipaks, printed CD mailers, specialized top spine labeling, marketing stickers, and more. Our art department has designed and supervised production for a wide variety of multi disc DVD and CD box sets for the music, film, and software industry.

Morphius also prints many types of inserts for vinyl records and the full array of record packaging, and we print perfect bound books and self-cover booklets, short run magazines, brochures, print vinyl and paper sticker printing, poster printing up to 24" x 38", promotional packages, t-shirts, and banners. We're also happy to design signage and corporate logos for vehicle detailing.

If you don't see what you're looking for on our site, call or email us to ask about it. It's very likely that we can help...that's what we're here for.

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